Diverse Dance Corps

Diverse Dance Corps is an elite group of highly competitive dancers who must audition to become a member. Any dancer aged 9 and up from the studio is welcome to audition provided they are taking competitive ballet, jazz, and one other discipline.

After being accepted into the Corps, members of Diverse Dance Corps must register for the DDC class on Wednesday evenings.

Benefits of joining Diverse Dance Corps include extra performances, extra group numbers for competitions, more  dance training, experience dancing with a wide range of  dancers of various ages and discipline focuses. Also, every two years Diverse Dance Corps dancers have the opportunity to travel outside of Alberta, and often outside of Canada for unique performance and training opportunities. For example,  the latest trip involved classes in Los Angeles, California and dancing in the Disneyland and California Adventure parade.

Because Diverse Dance Corps is the best of the best, it is  expected that dancers involved in the Corps be dedicated to extra rehearsal time as a group and practice on their own. Extra rehearsals will be held Friday evenings, scheduled when necessary at the discretion of Jen Groff, owner and artistic director.